20 Days From Its Release, Atomic Heart Floods YouTube With Its “Gameplay Overview Trailer”

While communication aroundAtomic Heart had already been rather active for a few months, in particular thanks to IGN, gamespot and consorts, a new video has just been published: the Gameplay Overview Trailer. If you hang out a bit on YouTube, you can’t miss it, she is everywhere !

This new video presents us with the background of the game, which led to the fall of this utopian society, then our character with his abilities. Nothing we didn’t already know on the subject, but at least everything is concentrated in one place. On the other hand, we can finally see part of the arsenal, which seems rather well supplied, as well as the various modifications that can be made to each weapon. Unfortunately, the gameplay shown during fights still remains as yeah, with these much too resistant robots. Let’s hope that those against the half-plant half-zombie creatures interviewed a little later will be able to offer us more interesting and more visceral confrontations.

Atomic Heart is still scheduled for February 21 on Steam and the Xbox Game Passbut we really advise you to wait for the first independent feedback before jumping on it, our enthusiasm from then having little at little etiolated…

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