2022 World Cup: Karim Benzema titled if France is champion?

The France team has lost many players to injury, including Karim Benzema who was eagerly awaited. If he has not been replaced by Didier Deschamps, he could still be crowned champion if France wins, even if he left Qatar. Explanations.

Although he landed in Qatar, Karim Benzema did not have time to unpack since he had to leave the competition after an injury. If Didier Deschamps does not have it replacedit may well be that Karim Benzema is nevertheless decorated with the title of champion, like the other players, if France won the world Cup.

Indeed, and even if it seems incredible, the former Lyonnais is still in the workforce of the Blues on the FIFA websiteeven though he left Qatar once his withdrawal was declared.

Theoretically, Karim Benzema is therefore still selected and could be allowed to return if he recovers from his injury.

In addition, during the match of the Blues against Australia, his name appeared in the list broadcast on television, in a lighter color than that of his teammates.

Thus, in the event of France’s victory in the final of this 22e edition of the World Cup, Karim Benzema could be considered a world champion too since officially, he is still in the list of 26 of Didier Deschamps and FIFA.