2nd International Coconut Festival opens in Ghana

Today opened in Accra, Ghana on 2th International Coconut Festival, launched by the African Coconut Group (ACG) with the support of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), with the theme “ Repositioning Ghana’s Coconut Sector for an Accelerated Industrialization Agenda “. The first edition was held in 2019.

By launching the 2022 edition, the executive director of Gepa, Asabea Asare indicated the objective pursued by the sector in Ghana: to reach $ 2.8 billion in export earnings.

Recall that the government of Ghana has listed coconut trees among the trees targeted by the National Tree Development Authority (NTCDA) created in 2019 and responsible for developing and managing the sector.

According to FAO statistics, Ghana is 14th world rank of coconut producing countries with 383,960 t in 2017. However, these precise production statistics are difficult to establish. On the other hand, those of dried coconut exports are more so, which would have generated $21.9 million in 2021 against $6.3 million in 2020 and $3.8 million in 2019. Ghana would be the 9th global exporter of dried coir, reports amaghanonlineamong other media.

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