30 years after its disappearance, the most wanted console in the world found

A competing Game Boy console, missing for 30 years, has just been found. A real treasure of video games.

The Gameboy walked on the competition

Difficult to find more skilful than Nintendo to succeed in putting a portable console in our hands. Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch and obviously Game Boy, the Japanese manufacturer has millions of sales alone thanks to its three flagship portable machines.

The last mentioned, published in 1989 in Japan, is the first portable console to have exploded on the market (over 118 million sales). A machine never released was yet to compete with the Game Boy: the Playboy. The prototype lost in nature for 30 years has just been found.

30 years later, the Playboy miraculously found

Developed by Rare (GoldenEye 007, Donkey Kong 64) for a release planned for the same period as the Game Boy, the Playboy presentation was canceled when Nintendo unveiled its console at CES 1989. Finally, Rare chose not to release the product and the Play Boy prototype was shelved, as revealed by Paul Machacek, former Rare developer. Good news, the console has just been found!

As it disappeared from Rare’s offices in Warwickshire, it seemed unlikely that the only existing Playboy prototype would be found, much to the chagrin of Paul Machacek and fans who had been following the improbable story. The media Time Extension reveals that the console is in the Retro Computer museum in Leicester. Unfortunately, the Playboy does not work. An American company called RCM, specializing in retrogaming, was authorized to borrow the Playboy to try to make it work again. A real treasure of video games, as rare and precious as that this PlayStation.

Source used: website of Time Extension

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