4 things to know about the Netflix tennis series

4 things to know about the Netflix tennis series

Tennis fans are in for a treat on Netflix. The docu-series break point indeed arrives on the streaming platform. These first five episodes will therefore be an opportunity to delve behind the scenes of this very special professional world. If we know the big stars and their sporting exploits well, behind the scenes is little followed by the general public. Here is everything you need to know about this new production.

When will Break Point be released on Netflix?

Appointment is made this Friday, January 13 in the early morning for the broadcast of the first five episodes of break point. We will then have to wait a good while to see the rest and the end, and we already know that the next five episodes will only be released during the month of June.

Break Point in the footsteps of Formula 1

At the helm of break pointwe find James Gay-Rees, the producer of Formula 1: pilots of their destiny. Martin Webb is directing this docu-series, and he was already at work on the series dedicated to F1. Tennis fans can clearly be pleased with this choice. Indeed, the two men had perfectly succeeded in highlighting this motor sport.

So much so that many consider Netflix to have revived interest in Formula 1 among young people. This has not escaped other sports, and we also know that the Tour de France will work together with Netflix which will soon offer a docu-series dedicated to this monument of cycling.

What will Break Point be about?

In addition to the trailer, Netflix has already made official the official synopsis of break point. So here it is in full: “Break Point follows, on court and in their private lives, a group of professional tennis players who compete in grueling tournaments with the hope of winning a final, and the even greater dream of reaching the title of world number one. For an entire year, the Break Point team accompanied these big names in tennis around the world on the occasion of the four Grand Slams and the ATP and WTA circuits, to give us this intimate portrait of their daily lives. »

This summary will make the mouth water of anyone who follows this sport throughout the year. Finding yourself immersed behind the scenes is indeed a dream that will come true in this documentary. It’s a bit cliché to say it, but we can measure the extent of the work, and the pressure felt by these men and women. While some shots seem natural or even instinctive, everything is actually based on long training sessions and significant tactical preparation.

Other sports documentaries to watch on Netflix

Watch break point might make you want to dive into more sports documentaries on Netflix. We think in particular of Coach secrets, the rules of the game which gives an overview of the best coaches and their techniques around the world. They provide valuable advice for players and their managers who wish to improve their performance. In the spotlight, we find in particular José Mourinho, or the NBA coach Doc Rivers.

Let us also quote The transfer of the century, and Figo changed sides. This documentary follows the turbulent transfer window in the summer of 2000, during which Portuguese footballer Luis Figo left FC Barcelona to join the club’s ultimate opponent, Real Madrid. This choice, which was experienced as a betrayal by Catalan supporters, is above all an opportunity to better understand the mechanisms at work in transfers. We see that there is a lot of communication and manipulation, and that the athlete, if he retains a share of choice, also becomes the pawn of an army of intermediaries and managers.