44% of users rank iPhones in the top privacy category

If I tell you the most secure smartphone, you tell me? For nearly one in two Americans, it is without hesitation that Apple gets their favor, at the top of the answers. A new study by NordVPN shows that Samsung convinces only 24% respondents, even though the Korean manufacturer is also doing its best with its Knox technology.

Looking more specifically at the different operating systems available on the market, iOS also comes out on top with 46% of consumers rating it as the best program for privacy. Far ahead of Android and its 38%, while 16% of respondents consider the two software the same way.

Not everyone benefits

But according to NordVPN, although 93% of people in the United States regularly use a smartphone, only 47% actually touch privacy settings after updating their mobile OS. And after downloading or upgrading an app, this score drops to 33%: it’s not much, especially when we know that Cupertino developers offer many options to protect our personal data.

With iOS 16, we even notice that these continue to multiply. Among the functionalities in question, we can mention in particular Security controle which allows you to take stock of the sharing of your private information in just a few seconds. Then, it is possible to restrict their access, for example in the case where you want to quickly get away from someone taking advantage of the Family Sharing.

Security in different forms

Beyond privacy issues, iPhones are also renowned for offering a uncluttered interface and easy to handle, practical when it is precisely a question of triggering a defense process in the event of an emergency. The front of the phones is also covered by Gorilla Glass Victus for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, which protects the panel against possible shocks and scratches.

With this, users can also store all of their personal data in iCloud while encrypting it end-to-end. And with the arrival of access codesyou won’t even need a password to access it.

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