5.7 or 6.1 inches for the 4th generation iPhone SE?

Will the future iPhone SE have a 5.7 or 6.1 inch screen? Apple still hasn’t decided, believes Ross Young. DSCC’s Screen Analyst Explain on Twitter that the manufacturer is still thinking about the future of this range, whose latest model – the 3rd generation iPhone SE – was released last spring.

In fact, the Apple still has a little time before deciding, since this 4th generation would not be launched before 2024. In addition to the size of the screen, the manufacturer would not have decided on the technology of the panel either. . OLED offers greater capabilities than LCD, but it’s also more expensive.

Still, prices for OLED screens could drop enough for Apple to consider the possibility. A notch should accompany the slab but it is not certain that the sensors essential to Face ID are hidden behind.

The rumor raised the hypothesis of an iPhone SE 4 taking the form of the iPhone XR which incorporated a 6.1-inch LCD screen. This 5.7-inch format would be unprecedented in the history of the smartphone, which has known sizes of 4.7 inches (current iPhone SE), 5.4 inches (iPhone 12/13 mini) or even 5.8 inches (iPhone X/XS).

iPhone SE 4: the time has come to change the disc

iPhone SE 4: the time has come to change the disc


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