6 Useful and Fun iOS 16 Features You Should Try on Your iPhone

iOS 16 is arguably one of the most exciting updates for the iPhone. Apple embraces personalization as a feature, and they let us have fun. We’ve made a selection of a few features you should try.

iOS 16 is available for everyone, the update can be installed on a large iPhone, from the iPhone 8. Despite some missing expected novelties, the list of changes is important. After several months of beta testing, we have selected a few functions that will prove useful or simply fun.

portrait wallpaper

Certainly the most fun novelty, you can create several different home screens, including a choice of display font and color. It is possible to add widgets to have essential information at your fingertips (calendar, reminder, alarm, activities, weather, etc.). The photos added to the lock screen benefit from a depth effect to be highlighted in relation to the time, if you find the right photo… it will even be perfectly cropped. Note that this is true only if Apple’s algorithm considers an image suitable for the depth effect.

iOS 16 wallpaper

All that remains is to display the home screen, and keep pressed on the wallpaper. Then you can customize this screen. If you have an Apple Watch, customizing the lock screen is now very similar to customizing your watch face.

Weather report
With the weather, it’s going well!

The new wallpaper Weather report is inspired by the design of the Weather application. As you can imagine, this is a live weather view that creates a beautiful edge-to-edge rendering of the weather conditions of your current location, which animates in real time and serves as your lock screen wallpaper. .

Another way to use photos on the lock screen is random photo mode, you can have your lock screen cycle through a set of photos at regular intervals during the day. So you won’t have to choose just one wallpaper for the lock screen and you can treat yourself to multiple wallpapers without having to create multiple lock screens.

Automatic photo cropping

Although there is no official name, the “clipping image” function is the most fun in iOS 16. It allows you to hold an object (face, animal, portrait, etc.) in a image and stick it somewhere else like a sticker. Think of it as a background removal tool, and it’s present in several places on the system. You can then paste the item into a presentation, send it to a contact… or make a photo montage.

iOS 16 Pepsy Clipping
Crop your photos on the fly

No need to save screenshots anymore

My iPhone was full of screenshots… so here’s a handy feature. It allows you to copy the recent capture to the clipboard to paste it where you want later. After taking a screenshot, go to preview mode and tap Done to see “ Copy and Delete ». There is also an option to quickly add this screenshot to a note.

You can copy and paste them wherever you want

Recover wifi password

Need to share a Wi-Fi password? Nothing could be simpler on iOS 16. Head to the Wi-Fi settings, just tap on the password in question to make it appear and copy it.


Merge duplicate photos and contacts

If you have duplicate photos, you can easily detect and delete them. Just go to the Photos app, then to Albums and Doubloons.

Duplicates can be deleted

The function is also available in contacts, it allows you to merge contacts. Personally, it allowed me to do a lot of sorting in my contact list. As the smartphone tests progressed, many contacts had been duplicated on my accounts.

For contacts too, it’s really useful!

Battery percentage

One of the features most discussed from iOS 16 who appeared in one of the betas : The battery percentage indicator. You can display a percentage indicator from Settings > Battery. Or, if you hate the feature, you can disable it from there as well. However, it does not work on iPhone XR, 11, 13 Mini and 12 Mini. At first glance, this is due to screen sizes and associated definitions.

Battery percentage
Activated or not, the battery will have the same charge

iOS 16 is full of changes and novelties, the list above was obviously only a selection. We will have the opportunity to return in detail to certain specific functions. In the meantime, what’s your favorite feature?

9 /10

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