7 essential accessories for your weight training sessions at home

The gym is not for you? With the right bodybuilding accessories, you can do your exercises in the best conditions at home! Jump rope, push-up board, resistance bands, pull-up bar… You can strengthen your muscles and refine your body effectively without leaving your home! And whether you are a beginner or a confirmed athlete.

With the jump rope connected, track your progress

The Smartrope Rookie connected jump rope of the Tangram brand is innovative; its technology allowssave all data during your exercises. It is thus possible to know the number of jumps, the calories lost, the duration of the sports session, the objectives achieved, etc. The jump rope has sensors that collect data and sync it to a smartphone. You therefore have precise monitoring of your sessions, in real time and over time. The handles have a ball bearing system which makes the rotation of the rope more stable and smooth and reduces wrist strain. The rope is light, easy to hold and the length of which can be adjusted according to your wishes (up to 3 m). Tangram also offers jump ropes in other colors.

Diversify your strength exercises with the Push-Up Multitrainer push-up board

No more classic push-ups, make way for intense muscle building with the push-up board, ideal for horizontal sheathing! You can diversify your exercises thanks to the multi-purpose Push-up Multitrainer board of Schildkröt. Indeed, its design by means of 2 removable handles offers to carry out up to 10 preset positions to work on your bodybuilding at home. The interlocking and color-coded system invite you to change the location of the handles depending on whether you want to strengthen your back, shoulders, chest or biceps. No risk of slipping during your sessions because of sweat, the supports are non-slip. The Schildkröt push-up board is aimed at both professional athletes and beginners who want to perfect their bodybuilding, supporting up to 120 kg.


The Schildkröt 4-in-1 pull-up bar makes your home workouts easier

The pull-up bar facilitates your home weight training and fitness sessions, both for push-ups and triceps work on the floor. The advantage of Shildkröt 4-in-1 pull-up bar is that it is multifunctional. Indeed, you can strengthen the muscles of your shoulders, pecs or arms. This accessory has three levels of settings according to your training desires as well as a system for fixing to door frames (92 cm wide maximum). The Schildkröt pull-up bar can withstand up to 100 kg thanks to its metal composition as well as a thick and robust iron tube. Finally, its soft foam handles make it pleasant and easy to hold.

Schildkröt mini resistance bands intensify your weight training sessions

Intensify your workouts and strengthen the muscles of your legs, arms or torso using mini resistance bands. Small but effective, they make it possible to work certain areas of your body more, by increasing the intensity of classic bodybuilding exercises, and to change your training habits. The choice of resistance bands is made at the level of elasticity (stretch or resistant). The Shildkröt brand offers lots of 5 mini resistance bands with color code, each strip of which has a different level of thickness and elasticity. Convenient and easy to carry, you can gradually improve your fitness workouts at will.

Sport becomes fun with the hula hoop from Shildkröt!

A great friend of the playground, the hoop is also a very good way to lose weight and build muscle at home. Indeed, hula hoop exercises allow you to refine your waist and strengthen the muscles in different areas (back, arms, abdominals, buttocks). the hula hoop Schildkröt works your body and makes your workouts fun! Weighing 1.2 kg and 100 cm in diameter, the Schildkröt weighted hula hoop is more suitable for seasoned athletes during intensive training. The advantage of this accessory for your home sport? The inside of the hoop is wavy, creating a massage effect that stimulates blood circulation. The hoop is easily assembled and disassembled thanks to an Easy-Click system.

Get rock solid abs with the Schildkröt abdominal trainer

The abdominal trainer is ideal for strengthening the abdominal muscles and the upper body. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, it makes your workouts effective and helps you achieve your fitness goals. The classic abdominal trainer from Schildkröt has a soft headrest to guarantee more comfort during the sessions. Its 25 mm steel structure makes it robust and its foam handles are non-slip. It is therefore easy to take in hand in order to carry out your exercises in an optimal way. It is thus possible to perform several exercises with the same accessory to facilitate the programming of your weight training at home.


Work all your muscles with the Schildkröt resistance tubes

The resistance kit allows you to perform a variety of deep strength training exercises while bringing variety to your workouts at home. The Schildkröt resistance tubes suitable for full body strength training. This kit has 5 resistance tubes that you can combine according to the intensity you want. Therefore, it is possible to obtain up to 29 resistance levels and therefore the intensity of your exercises. The different levels of the resistance kit allow you to progress as you wish, especially if you are a beginner and want to gradually increase your efforts. Schildkröt offers products made with high quality materials to ensure flexibility and robustness.