96-year-old woman attacked at home in Toulouse: what we know about the investigation opened for rape

96-year-old woman attacked at home in Toulouse: what we know about the investigation opened for rape

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A 34-year-old man was arrested this Saturday morning, November 19, by the BAC in Toulouse. He is suspected of assaulting a 96-year-old woman at her home near the station.

“I heard little noises, like birds. They were weird noises. Then there was a commotion and I heard the grandmother saying ‘Help’. I left the house me.” RĂ©mi is the neighbor of a 96-year-old woman about whom a criminal investigation has been opened. She says she was raped by an intruder around 7 a.m. this Saturday morning in the Matabiau station area.

“It rang at my house around 7 a.m., recounts the witness. As I always do, I opened the window to look who it was. It was a man. When he saw me, he told me said in a soft voice that he was sorry, that he had made a mistake.”

Early this Saturday morning, it was still dark on rue des Jumeaux, behind the boulevards. “I just remember his look.” After ringing the bell at this first apartment, the man rings at the nonagenarian who is waiting for her nurse. She opens it to him. What happened next ? About twenty minutes later, the nurse announces herself in turn and is opened. The man goes out to hide on the stairs of the building. That’s when the grandmother calls “for help”. “She seemed traumatized and not sure what was going on.”

Taken to hospital for tests

The suspect fled, jostling the nurse. The victim recounts having been attacked by this man who allegedly raped her. The police are immediately notified.
A report of the suspect is launched on the airwaves in order to find him as quickly as possible. A manhunt is launched. And a crew from the anti-crime squad quickly manages to get their hands on a suspect matching the description.

The 34-year-old man is taken to the central police station to be heard there in the context of police custody and to give his version of what happened behind closed doors in the apartment of this woman from 96 years old.

For her part, the grandmother is taken to Rangueil hospital to undergo examinations. His days are not in danger. Small and very thin, this woman struggles to walk and uses a crutch. She never leaves her house. “Once in a while she goes out in the yard.”

Her daughter, who lives in Toulouse, takes care of her. She regrets her mother’s fragility. “She opens too easily. A fortnight ago we found someone who was having breakfast at her house,” she laments. The police on duty are continuing their investigation for aggravated rape.