a baker hides a mini-gold ingot among the beans of his galettes des rois

a baker hides a mini-gold ingot among the beans of his galettes des rois

Alexandre Saison, baker and pastry chef from Calais, has decided to surprise his customers for the Epiphany. Among its galettes des rois, sold between December 29, 2022 and January 26, 2023, one of them will have, as a bean, a gold ingot!

The craftsman bought a 5 g gold bar at a gold dealer. Although very small, this bean of 24 carats can be worth 250 euros, depending on the price of gold. When asked, the baker does not intend to reveal where the bean will be hidden, or when it will be sold. “There will only be two of us, namely Thomas, my pastry chef, and me,” he told AFP. The voice of the North.

The bean will be hidden in a pancake of 4 to 10 parts, apple or frangipani, but for the rest, nothing is certain. The 22-year-old pastry chef explained that he had this idea with his mother. While he wanted to stand out, he remembered a tradition which consisted of hiding a louis d’or in the king cake and had the idea to put a gold bar.

With this mini-ingot, Alexandre Saison hopes to attract customers, but also wants to know the story of the person who will find the bean. “We would like the little anecdote that goes with it!”, he confided to The voice of the North. For the baker-pastry chef, the operation must remain exceptional and will not be renewed.

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