a beat them all where Eve must save humanity

Project EVE from South Korean studio Shift Up returns as Stellar Blade and will now be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

As she must rid Earth of the NA:tives, the lovely Eve of Stellar Blade also makes it her mission to come to the aid of Xion following her encounter with Adam. In addition to listening to the stories of the Orcal village elder, she will be able to develop close relationships with key members of humanity’s last city on Earth, in addition to participating in its reconstruction. Players can also choose to help the survivors or not.

A trailer for Stellar Blade

Kim Hyung Tae, director of Shift Up, says:

The title is a combination of “Stellar”, which means stars in Latin, and “Blade”, which defines Eve’s existence. The tip of this blade will take you wherever you want. You control your destiny. Stellar Blade features combat that requires deflecting and dodging NA:tive attacks at the perfect moment to create combos and trigger unique abilities. Throughout the game, you’ll equip yourself with Beta Skills and intense Explosive Skills that will be a feast for the eyes, I promise. Brace yourselves… The power of the bosses is on a totally higher level than the classic NA:tives, giving you challenging strategic fights. All of these actions will allow you to delve even deeper into the story and understand Eve’s emotions.

Stellar Blade will be released exclusively on PS5 in 2023.

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