a bigger battery on the iPhone 14 Pro

Screen always on of the iPhone 14 Pro should not burden the autonomy of the latter, according to the sources of Mark Gurman on Bloomberg. On the one hand, a new OLED screen will allow a refresh rate capable of going down to 1 Hz, instead of 10 Hz on the iPhone 13 Pro, which will allow a much less consuming fixed display. And on the other, Apple would have anticipated any problem by integrating a larger and more capacity battery into the phone. In other words, users who turn off the always-on screen feature may well benefit from longer battery life than previous models.

rendered with single punch by Ian Zelbo

The always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro (and iPhone 14 Pro Max) has been spotted multiple times in iOS 16 betas in recent weeks. In particular, we could see that Apple had planned “sleep” versions of its wallpapers with very dark and dull visuals, the display of which will consume little on an OLED technology panel. The feature should show the time and widgets permanently, as well as an optional counter for notifications (find out more). The iPhone 14 lineup will officially be unveiled this Wednesday, September 7.

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