“A careful analysis of non-verbal communication”

“A careful analysis of non-verbal communication”

Can you, in a few words, summarize the activity of your company?

Sebastian Philip. – “The singularity of wypink focuses on our innovative method of carefully analyzing non-verbal communication. Our methodology consists of five filters (attitude & posture, verbal language, non-verbal language, energy, culture). This approach materializes in three services (Recruitment, HR Consulting, Coaching). Our global approach increases employee motivation and commitment.

You have just joined the Paperjam + Delano Business Club. What are your reasons for doing this?

“Our customers insist that we communicate more about our uniqueness around us. We want to make ourselves known and grow our business in Luxembourg. The more companies know our specificities, the more we can help them through the many challenges related to human capital. We also want to help companies better understand interpersonal communication through our methodology.

What are you looking for there? And what do you think you can offer the members you meet there?

“We are looking for future customers or partners who will trust us over the long term. We think we can present our expertise in the analysis of human behavior. Our method makes it possible to reduce company turnover and recruit suitable and motivated staff. We also provide coaching to identify the natural talents of your employees.”