a conflict between the horizontal camera and the Apple Pencil 2?

Why is the iPad 10 only compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil? This stylus works with Lightning connector and cannot be charged by iPad without adapter. Compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2, which is recharged by induction on the edge of the tablet, would have been much more elegant. Yes, but there is a but: according to John Gruber’s sources on Daring Fireballthe integration of the Apple Pencil 2 would have been a problem with the new camera of the iPad 10, which has been moved to the length of the tablet for better use in landscape mode.

The Apple Pencil 2 charging system would indeed conflict with the horizontal camera. In terms of thickness, it gets stuck: it takes a few millimeters for the alignment magnets and the wireless charging module, and the camera, which also occupies a certain depth, does not leave this freedom. As it stands, Apple must therefore choose between one and the other.

The Apple Pencil 2 charging system on the iPad Pro — Diagram by TechCrunch

Apple insisted that the iPad 10 was his first tablet equipped with a horizontal camera: implied, there will be others. The Cupertino engineers will therefore have to find a solution to recharge the Apple Pencil on the edge of the tablets while allowing the integration of a horizontal camera. John Gruber suggests using a slice of the width, but the Apple Pencil is too big for some iPad models and that would hide the speakers anyway. The other slice in length is also excluded, since it would cause problems with cases and keyboards. There remains the possibility of an off-center connector, but the positioning of the stylus in charge would be affected… unless a future Apple Pencil 3 with offset magnets comes to correct the situation?

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