a couple wearing an electronic bracelet located in an amusement park

On Wednesday in Finistère, a couple placed under an electronic bracelet was arrested after being located in a leisure park. These forties were however supposed not to go beyond the authorized zone.

This is the story of two forties who, two years ago, were convicted in a fraud case. This man and this woman in their forties, living in the country of Quimperlé (Finistere), had been entitled to an adjustment of sentence. As reported by Le Télégramme, this couple had thus been placed under electric bracelet. Consequently, the defendants could not go beyond a certain area without giving the alert to the authorities.

Sentenced for fraud, their electronic bracelets ring several times

Only, indicates the parquet floor of Quimper, the electronic bracelets of this couple triggered alarms, and this more than once. We then understood that this man and this woman exceeded their rights, unless there was a failure in the system.

The use of false medical certificates

It emerged that the couple were using fake medical certificates to justify its exits outside the predefined perimeter. These days, the police had checked the whereabouts of these lovers, to finally find them in a leisure park in Seine et Marne.

An imminent judgment for “escape”

On Wednesday morning, the couple were apprehended returning from this leisure park, where they would have spent “two to three days” with her two children according to the prosecution. Placed in police custody, the suspects were then presented to the judge of freedoms in Quimper, before being remanded in custody. It is on this Friday, September 16 that these forties will be tried for “escape”, and this within the framework of an immediate appearance.

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