a crank stabs 5 people including a professional football player

A 46-year-old Italian with mental health issues carried out a massacre in the Milanofiori shopping center in Assago, Milan. He grabbed a knife from inside the Carrefour supermarket and suddenly started hitting random people, killing a 47-year-old employee of the major retail chain and seriously injuring four others, including the footballer of Monza, Pablo Mari. Three of them were taken to hospital in code red and the clinical picture seems very serious.
For the moment, the people concerned are aged between 28 and 81 years old. The carabinieri of the provincial command of Milan are trying to reconstruct the dynamics, but for the moment they exclude that there could be a terrorist matrix behind the gesture informs Corriere Milano.
According to sources close to the Calcio de Monza, defender Pablo Marí was transported in code red to Niguarda. He would still be conscious. Also present at the hospital are Monza manager Adriano Galliani and Monza coach Raffaele Palladino. Carrefour Italy expressed its sympathy to the employees and customers involved in the attack, as well as their families, and said that a psychological support service has been activated for all those affected.
The man, whose identity has not been communicated, is in the offices of the provincial command post of Milan, Via della Moscova, where he would continue to pronounce absurd phrases, in accordance with his evident state of confusion. Furious, he had been under treatment for a year for a serious depression.


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