a hacker rewarded for having warned the club of a major flaw on its site

A Bayern Munich supporter hacked the Bavarian club’s website to detect a flaw and warn the German giant. The German champions have decided to reward him as a sign of recognition.

No, you’re not dreaming, Daniel “Ghost” Martins was rewarded by Bayern Munich for hacking the club’s website. This Bayern supporter discovered that some user data, such as their names and financial information, was at risk, explains The Sun.

The computer security expert was rewarded by the Bavarian club for sending a report detailing the problems with its website. The ‘ethical hacker’ claims the German giants initially failed to respond to his pleas, but ended up being so grateful to him that they gave him a signed shirt of German striker Thomas Müller.

“I made a report and sent them”

A big fan of Bayern Munich, the 24-year-old information security expert claims to have hacked the Bayern site out of pure benevolence: “As soon as I found the fault, immediately, at dawn, I did a report and I sent it to them,” he told the British tabloid.

The problem was quite serious since personal data could have been exposed. Commercial and confidential information about the club was also at risk of leaking without the intervention of Daniel “Ghost” Martins. All’s well That ends well. The club was able to solve the problem and the fan was rewarded for his act of kindness with Müller’s tunic.

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