A historic drop in imports of vine cuttings


n 2022, according to figures from FranceAgrimer, France imported 120 tonnes of cuttings compared to 199 tonnes in 2021. Cuttings that come 80% from Spain. ” There is a historic drop in wood imports, estimated at nearly one million euros “, indicated Miguel Mercier, deputy president of the French Federation of the Vineyard Nursery (FFPV) in charge of the export commission, during the General Assembly of the federation on October 21 in Chamonix (Haute-Savoie).

Is it linked to the creation of the Vitipep’s brand? For Miguel Mercier, there is no doubt. “ There is a strong correlation between the creation of the France Vitipep’s brand and the drop in our imports. Some may think it’s coincidence but that’s not my opinion. “, did he declare.

Imports of vine plants (816 tonnes in 2022 compared to 761 tonnes in 2021) are on a relative increase according to FranceAgrimer. For Miguel Mercier There is no major change in terms of vine plants with a certain stability in imports around 8 million euros for 80% of Italian origin, the rest from Spain and Germany “, he commented.

Exports broadly stable

Overall exports of wood and vine plants remained stable compared to 2021 with a turnover of nearly 20.8 million euros according to figures from FranceAgrimer. However, there is a disparity between exports of wood (rootstocks and scions) which are increasing and those of seedlings which are decreasing. For cuttings, with a turnover of 6.5 million euros against 4.8 million last year according to FranceAgrimer “ the performance is exceptional (…) indicated Miguel Mercier. Performance that relies on ” solid destinations such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Italy but also Russia “. For seedlings, sales are down 14%, in particular due to the discontinuation of shipments to Russia. But turnover in Europe remains strong with more than half of shipments.

Among major customers, Miguel Mercier noted an upturn in Italy but a marked drop in Spain. The nurseryman also highlighted the fine performances in Mexico, the United Kingdom and Canada. And found ” with surprise the appearance of a new serious destination for three years in the United Arab Emirates “. On the other hand, shipments to Morocco were penalized by regulatory difficulties.

Largely positive trade balance

The trade balance is therefore largely positive indicated Miguel Mercier. The outlook for 2023? For vine plants the majority of the markets are well oriented and should be able to compensate for the Russian situation “. However, the logistical problems linked to the shortage of containers complicate things, but the weakness of the euro against the dollar is an asset for major exports.

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