A Montpellier startup is the surprise guest of the World Cup

The startup Vogo launched in 2013 with an original idea: to allow spectators present in a stadium to access different camera streams and to become, in a way, their own director. The Montpellier nugget has since grown a lot, and it recently announced its participation in the World Cup.

World Cup matches enhanced by an app

In a press release, the company specifies that its Vogo Sport application is deployed in the stadiums of the World Cup in Qatar. “This technological solution demonstrates the Group’s ability to assert itself at the world’s biggest sporting events”welcomes the tricolor company.

Concretely, the fans present in the enclosures only have to download Vogo Sport and they can then choose different angles of view, replays of an action, at normal speed or slowed down, freeze frames, and even certain statistics, interviews, or even some audio from the match. It’s unclear if Worlds spectators have access to all of these features, and some may be restricted for security reasons.

In any case, this is excellent news for the startup, which already has prestigious contracts in major French competitions: Ligue 1, Top 14, but also certain car competitions, horse racing, basketball, sailing, etc.

Over time, Vogo also focused on other disciplines such as swimming. The company has thus entered into a partnership with Myrtha Pools, an Italian company specializing in the construction and installation of swimming pools.

A concussion detection tool

In concrete terms, the pools are equipped with underwater and above-water cameras. Everything is connected to terminals for viewing live video streams. The applications are multiple, as reported by our colleagues from The gallery : “improvement of performance for high-level swimmers, learning to swim in schools or associations, monetization of aquatic competitions usually little relayed by the mainstream media such as races, water polo, synchronized swimming…”

Vogo did not stop there and turned its activities towards the field of health. Metropolitan recalls that the startup participated in the creation of the EasyCov saliva test which makes it possible to detect positive cases of covid-19.

Similarly, Vogo has taken an interest in the problem of concussions in sport. The idea is to develop a detection tool. The stakes are high according to our colleagues. It is estimated that in France, 5 million athletes face this risk, and 100 million including Europe and the United States.