a motion of no confidence proposed against the directorate of information

A motion of no confidence against the information management of the network of local public radio stations France Bleu will be put to the vote by the journalists’ unions SNJ-CGT and SNJ, they announced in a press release on Friday.

The vote will take place electronically from Monday September 19 to Monday September 26 and targets the network’s information director, Erik Kervellec, and his deputy, Léopold Strajnic.

The vote for such a motion is “completely new to France Bleu”, a network of local radio stations which is part of the Radio France group, Matthieu Darriet, of the SNJ (National Union of Journalists) told AFP. According to him, the vote concerns “a little more than 400 journalists” in the 44 editorial offices of France Bleu, scattered across the territory.

The two unions contest “the editorial strategy of France Bleu” and denounce “the brutality of the management of this direction of the info”.

This editorial strategy is based in their eyes on “repeated special days decided in Paris and imposed uniformly on all newsrooms” in the provinces, “imposed chronicles” fruit of “vertical decisions, outdated and never re-examined” or even “a race for digital without human resources and with constant pressure on the most precarious”.

In an e-mail sent internally and consulted by AFP, the management of France Bleu said that it had learned “with the greatest astonishment” of the organization of the motion of no confidence.

It comes the day after a “constructive exchange” between the management and the SNJ, and “while the director of information, absent, is recovering”, writes in this message the director of France Bleu, Jean-Emmanuel Casalta .

“On all the subjects mentioned in the motion, the SNJ recognized that these were identified, treated or in the process of being treated” during this meeting organized Thursday “at the initiative of the management”, assures Mr. Casalta .

“The management of France Bleu is however fully aware of the additional efforts that remain to be made in order to continue improving the organizations”, he indicates.

“The management of France Bleu and the management of information of Radio France have full confidence in the director of information of France Bleu and his team” to “continue the exchanges with the directors, editors-in-chief and journalists of local radio stations “, concludes the message of the direction.


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