A new and real nematicide for market gardeners

If you’ve had nematodes in your vegetable and potato fields, you know what a complicated problem it is for crop health, yields and – because traditional treatments can be drastic and brutal – for the health of your soil.

Introducing Salibro™ nematicide with Reklemel™ active, a new sulfonamide nematicide that is the first true nematicide to be licensed in Canada in some time. It is not a fungicide or a seed treatment with added nematicidal activity, explains Mark Versluys, director of specialty products at Corteva Agriscience. “The active ingredient, fluazaindolizine, is not found anywhere else in any other product on the market today, globally,” he says.

But what sets Salibro™ apart is that it offers selective activity against harmful nematodes only, leaving the beneficial organisms alone, when used according to the product label. This has always been the challenge in nematode control because when economic thresholds are reached, the best solution is soil fumigation. This destroys the soil microbiome eliminating not only harmful pests, but also beneficial nematodes, fungi and bacteria that help keep the soil healthy and productive.

“The strong point of Salibro is that it is not a soil sterilizer,” says Versluys. “It only acts on plant parasitic nematodes and leaves the beneficial organisms alone”

The problem with nematodes

Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that can be beneficial or harmful, depending on what they feed on. Fortunately, most soil nematodes are beneficial. They feed on fungi and bacteria and break down organic matter in the soil, releasing nutrients and generally contributing to soil health.

Plant-parasitic nematodes such as those in the root-knot nematode family (Meloidogyne spp.) are harmful because they feed on plant tissue, including roots, causing the infected plant to grow with root galls that cut off the flow of nutrients to the growing plant. This can seriously affect young seedlings and reduce yields of more mature plants.

“Not only do these nematodes damage the roots, but they create wounds where other pathogens can enter,” explains Mark Versluys. “And it is not only a loss of yield that the farmer experiences, but also a potential loss of product quality, which can limit his chances of entering the fresh market. »

He says Salibro™ with the active Reklemel™ protects a wide range of vegetable crops against harmful nematodes, including carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and perhaps most importantly – potatoes. Mr. Versluys adds that the upcoming registration with the EPA means that potatoes treated with Salibro could be sold on the American market.

The right tool to do the job

Mark Versluys says there’s another practical benefit that comes with Salibro, and that’s preserving your other crop protection tools, especially fungicides. “The analogy I would make is that if you’re building a deck and driving in anchor spikes, you’re not going to use your cordless drill to do it. In other words, using a fungicide, for example with nematicidal activity to suppress nematodes, may limit your ability to use that fungicide later in the season.

This is an important consideration for vegetable and potato crops, which often require multiple fungicide applications during a growing season. “It’s about using the right tool for the right job, and you don’t want to lose the ability to use the right tool when you really need it,” says Mark Versluys.

Mark Versluys, Director of Specialty Products, Corteva Agriscience

With annual crops like potatoes, you can apply Salibro in-furrow and then incorporate. For crops such as tomatoes and carrots, it has a residual activity of 75-120 days, depending on conditions, so you don’t have to rely on fungicides or other insecticides to get the job done. a nematicide. »

Mark Versluys, Corteva Agriscience

Prioritize soil health

“What’s most important to us is that Salibro has a favorable environmental profile,” says Mark Versluys, adding that it’s ideal for integrated pest management programs, with the added benefit of actually helping to improve soil health.

This comes down to the fact that Salibro™ nematicide with Reklemel™ active is a true nematicide with selective activity against harmful nematodes. “It removes plant parasitic nematodes and leaves beneficial organisms,” he says. “It actually leaves your soil healthier. »