a new PlayStation in September 2023

a new PlayStation in September 2023

The PS5 Slim with its removable disk drive is becoming clearer! According to the leaks, Sony will present its new console in the second half of 2023, for a launch scheduled for sometime in September. The endemic supply problem remains to be solved…

Rumors have been circulating around the PS5 Slim, a more compact PlayStation 5, for several months now. Tom Henderson, a very knowledgeable journalist, publishes regularly in Insider gaming his new discoveries. Thus, last September, he announced the production of a new model designed to be more functional. He had given more details in early December 2022, talking about a slimmer console with a detachable disc player – a concept for which development would come to an end. He still does not budge and explains in a new article that the console will be released in September 2023. “I’ve seen all there is to see [sur la console]. Images, sales targets, everything”, he writes. Its official presentation should also take place soon by the first half of 2023 – perhaps for E3 or the Gamescom ?

PS5 Slim: a removable disk drive for greater production

The PS5 is currently sold in two models: a classic version and a Digital Edition which, as its name suggests, does not have a disc drive – and is therefore sold for less. The new model would be thinner and less “extravagant” thanks to a system that is ingenious to say the least: a detachable Blu-ray player. Perfect for blending into the decor! This would connect to the machine through a port USB-C located at the back. However, it would not be a simple addition since its design would have been designed to integrate perfectly with that of the new console. The latter would be sold in a solo pack or in a pack including the external drive, which will still be available for individual purchase, in the event that the player should die.

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To Currently, the PS5 is already a huge success despite the shortages, since more than 20 million machines have been sold. Sony intends to rely on the new model to increase production during the year 2023, with 18.5 million copies of the PS5 Slim. In effect, “featuring a removable disc drive, the console should help reduce shipping and production costs and eventually completely replace the standard PlayStation 5 model”reveals Tom Henderson. To In the long term, the idea would be to sell only one model, then to let players choose whether or not to add a disc player. Good news, while waiting for a PS5 Pro which will significantly improve the performance of the machine.