a new scandal breaks out in Qatar

According to information from Reuters, foreign workers have been evicted from their homes in a dozen buildings in Doha, Qatar. The government did not deny it, but explained itself.

The individuals concerned, all single (workers with dependent families were not concerned), were reportedly notified of their expulsion barely two hours before the arrival of the police, who evacuated the workers concerned and have closed access to accommodation, which is intended to welcome foreign tourists during the World Cup. Quoted anonymously, a deportee revealed that he had “nowhere to go” and having had to sleep on the street, like the other evicted workers.

Asked by Reutersa member of the government asserted that the evictions respond to “comprehensive and long-term plans” within various “doha areas”and had nothing to do with the World Cup. “Everyone has been relocated to safe and appropriate accommodation” concluded the member of the government.

Asked recently about the multiple controversies surrounding the 2022 World Cup, the French Zinedine Zidane had said that it was necessary to leave these “next to” to think only of football.

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