a new service to find a contract opened in your name

Developed by Caisse des dépôts and Agirc-Arrco, the supplementary pension for private sector employees, the new service “My retirement savings contracts” available on the Info-retraite.fr portal opened in early July 2022.

On your personal account on the info-retraite.fr website and also on the “my retirement account” mobile application, you can consult the list of all individual or collective supplementary retirement products at any time (Perco, Per, Perp, Madelin , “article 39” contract, “article 83” contract) of which you are the beneficiary.

If a product is displayed, this means that you are the holder of a retirement savings contract taken out by one of your employers without your knowing it, or of an old contract opened by yourself but of which you had forgot the existence. Only open contracts are shown. The list shows the names of the organizations that manage the indicated contract and the companies that opened it for you.

To assert your rights or obtain more information, you must contact the organization managing the contract; contact details are displayed for each contract.

You can consult the file In which cases can one request the early release of employee savings?

To know : the database of the “My retirement savings contracts” service is being updated: if no retirement savings product appears, it is possible that the information has not yet been transmitted or that an error has occurred. occurred.

You can come back to check the service later or contact the supplementary pension management body (insurer, provident institution, banking establishment, etc.) with which you think you have registered rights.

To note : according to the Court of Auditors, nearly 13 billion euros available on retirement savings contracts are not claimed by policyholders over 62 years of age and are dormant.

Every year, managers marketing supplemental retirement products must provide a data file of individual supplemental retirement products and collective policies subscribed to the Union Retraite Public Interest Group (info-retraite.fr). This is what the law of February 26, 2021 provides.

Recall : the “article 39” retirement contract is a group life insurance contract. It can be set up for the benefit of all or part of the staff. It provides employees with an additional pension paid in the form of a life annuity and is financed solely by the employer.

The “article 83” retirement savings contract allows employees of a company to build up a supplementary pension by capitalization with the help of their employer. This system was replaced by the mandatory company PER on October 1, 2020.



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