a nuclear reactor shut down due to “mild temperatures”

a nuclear reactor shut down due to “mild temperatures”

The reactor at the Tricastin plant remains “immediately available” if needed, says EDF.

A reactor in EDF’s nuclear fleet, Tricastin 4, was shut down on Thursday, due to “mild temperatures“And lower electricity consumption, we learned Thursday from EDF. “The mild temperatures, above normal for the season, and the lower consumption during this period mean that the network does not need all the available reactors“Said EDF, in a situation report, in which it reports 42 reactors in operation and 14 reactors shut down.

In addition to this mild temperature, “there was less consumption, especially during the holidays, and so we shut down several reactors because the electricity network did not need them“, we said at EDF. “Just before Christmas“, several reactors were thus stopped “over short periods“, with “a peak at 10 reactors last weekend, shut down for modulation“, which almost all resumed on January 2, except Tricastin 4, which is scheduled to return to service on January 9 to date. However, there remainsimmediately available“, if necessary, we specify at EDF.

Electricity consumption fell by 8.5% last week compared to the average for previous years (2014-2019) over the same period, according to figures as of January 1 and a final point from RTE, published on Tuesday. Over the last four weeks, corresponding to the whole month of December, the average drop has also reached 8.5%. These figures are released after restatement of calendar and meteorological effects: it is therefore the consumption that would have occurred if the temperatures had been aligned with the normal temperatures defined by Météo France for the period.

The government has called for sobriety, against a backdrop of supply difficulties linked in particular to the gas crisis in Europe and the reduced availability of the French nuclear fleet. The situation is less gloomy on this side as well: during his greetings to economic players, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire thanked EDF on Thursday and applauded the company and its CEO for the return of 44 GW reconnected “as i speak to you“.

We will therefore meet our target of 45 GW returning to the network in January 2023“, out of a total installed capacity of 61.4 GW, added the Minister. If the threat of power cuts this winter “seems to move away“, Government spokesman Olivier Véran nevertheless called on Wednesday the “businesses and citizens” to “maintain efforts on eco-gestures“.