A smartphone with XXL autonomy and at a very low price? It’s the OPPO A57, to be found now!

The OPPO A57 impresses right out of the box with its bold yet very elegant design. The manufacturer has chosen very straight lines and flat edges, with a thickness of only 7.9 mm which guarantees excellent grip.

The back of the device is covered with the OPPO Glow coating, which gives the smartphone a matte appearance and protects it from fingerprints. The device is available in two colors, Glow Green and Black depending on your preference.

To allow you to enjoy all of your apps, games and videos, OPPO offers you a 6.56-inch screen, with very thin screen borders and a large display area. The screen used also incorporates a “low blue light” device, which permanently relieves your eyesight, especially at nightfall or in a dimly lit environment.

The OPPO A57 also benefits from two ultra-linear speakers that deliver very powerful stereo sound. To give them a boost in crowded and very noisy places, OPPO also includes the “Ultra Volume” mode, which pushes the speakers a little more to hear the lyrics and music of your movies and series clearly.

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