A teenager shot dead in the Olympic Village district of Grenoble

A teenager shot dead in the Olympic Village district of Grenoble

The services of the Departmental Directorate of Public Security report that the teenager who was shot and killed was found lying on the ground and unconscious in the hairdressing salon of the Olympic Village on Tuesday evening December 20. He had been hit twice in the chest.

A cardiac massage was then carried out by the first team to arrive on the scene, before the firefighters and then the Samu took over. But despite their efforts, the victim could not be revived and eventually died.

A 17-year-old young man was shot dead in the Olympic Village neighborhood of Grenoble on Tuesday evening December 20. The police, then the firefighters and the Samu, were unable to resuscitate him. © Elias Muhlstein – Place Gre’net

The exact circumstances of the unfolding of the facts remain unknown, as much as the number of people involved in the shooting. The first findings report three cartridges not struck and a casing found at the scene. The establishment’s video surveillance camera does not record any images.

The body was taken care of by the intercommunal funeral services, while around a hundred people, including the victim’s family, were in front of the hairdressing salon. The Grenoble prosecutor’s office indicates that the deputy prosecutor on duty went on site, and that the investigation was entrusted to the Grenoble judicial police. Twenty-four hours after the events, no new information had been communicated.