accounts considered left-wing and reporting the shortcomings of the social network blocked

Is the little blue bird sorting out the accounts on his social network? This is what many Internet users are wondering. Elon Musk the new owner of Twitter, has announced that it will reopen accounts banned from the social network next week in granting them a general amnesty , “provided they have not broken the law”. But it seems that this decision is not for everyone. As revealed The Obs, this Sunday, at the same time, other accounts are blocked. Two reasons would explain these different blockages. The first would be a massive campaign by the American far right. But other blockages are said to be due to Twitter’s reporting of breaches of a massive data leak.

A common point: being against the extreme right

Many Internet users have tried to challenge Elon Musk on Twitter about these blocked accounts. This is particularly the case for the account VPS-Reports which is owned by Vishal Pratap Singh, an American freelance journalist. He is also a documentary filmmaker and openly claims to be an anti-fascist. He works on extremism, civil rights and the extreme right.

But behind this blockage lies an ongoing far-right campaign on Twitter. It seems that the extr…

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