Action game Project EVE becomes Stellar Blade and reveals its story

The September State of Play provided an update on a few projects already announced, and in particular gave us a new look at Project EVE. You may remember this game that seduced during his presentation at the PlayStation Showcasewith a side probably too fan-service, but also with action sequences that could be compared to a Bayonetta or a Devil May Cry. The action game of shift-up was present during the State of Play to give news, and especially his real name, Stellar Blade.

A console exclusive for the PS5

This trailer focuses a bit more on the game’s story, where we see Eve and her companions return to Earth to meet survivors, like Adam (necessarily), in the city of Xion. Eve will have to help rebuild this last bastion for humanity, while fighting the NA:tives, even if we are told that we will have the choice to help or not to help the survivors.

And of course, the rest of this trailer puts the emphasis on the action, with boss battles that will want to be impressive and over the top.

Other news, Stellar Blade was originally supposed to be released on multiple platforms, even the old generation ones, but it will eventually be a PS5 console exclusive (the game is published by Sony from now on), which will arrive in 2023. Bad luck for other platforms, but we assume that the title will arrive on PC.

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