AD Education announces the arrival of the ANIMUM school

Created more than 15 years ago and based in Malaga, ANIMUM, is an online higher school of creativity in art and digital technology, dedicated to the professions of cinema and video games. The school offers Online Masters but also short courses in Art and design (character concept art, digital drawing, 2D animation), 3D production (animation of 3D characters, modeling of scenarios and 3D characters, rigging, info-architecture) or in Post-production/VFX (visual effects, compositing, lighting, colorist). Every yearmore than 600 students Spaniards but also from Latin American countries are thus trained in these professions of the future while being supervised by 200 teachersguaranteeing the quality of the courses and lessons delivered.

ANIMUM graduates work on world famous feature films and series such as “The Lion King”, “Spiderman: No way home”, “Stranger Things 4”, or “Thor: Love and Thunder » in major studios such as Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, Illumination Mac Guff, Skydance Animation, El Ranchito, Ubisoft or even Mercury Steam, …

The orientation fair not to be missed!

We give you an appointment on the Studyrama fairs dedicated to training related to Audiovisual, Cinema and Digital. You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to discover the many professions that exist (animator, production assistant, cinematographer, costume designer, composer…) and to ask your questions during the conferences!

“Training in the professions of animation cinema and video games”

“With the arrival of ANIMUM within the AD Education group, new teaching perspectives are offered to our students in Spain. Indeed, this 100% online school allows training in the professions of animation cinema and video games at their own pace while effectively assimilating the knowledge necessary to practice these trades. We are delighted to welcome the ANIMUM teams and to be able to rely on their expertise in the digital creative sector. This new step will also allow the AD Education group to create new bridges with our schools dedicated to training in the field of animation and games. “, Explain Kevin GUENEGANPresident & Founder of the AD Education Group.

Orientation test: Are you made for the artistic professions?


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