Afriland First Group SA and BGFI Holding Corporation sign an interbank cooperation agreement

Afriland First Group SA and BGFI Holding Corporation sign an interbank cooperation agreement

Henri Claude Oyima, Chairman and CEO of BGFI Holding Corporation and Joseph Toubi, Executive Vice-President of Afriland First Group SA, signed an interbank cooperation agreement on January 20, 2023 at the Krystal Palace hotel in Douala.

This agreement results from the identification, by the two parent companies, of opportunities in terms of co-financing of projects, international trade and shared research. The two groups intend to mutually enrich each other through the exchange of know-how and information relating to the African and world markets in which they operate respectively.

Beyond banking operations, the agreement establishes a framework for optimizing human resources, ranging from the secondment of personnel and/or teams, to the sending of personnel for training in the respective Training Centers.

The two groups emphasize the commitments they make to ensure compliance with applicable Laws and Regulations, particularly in regulatory matters and the fight against money laundering and corruption, regardless of the jurisdiction concerned.

The two banking groups have in common that they were born in Central Africa, one in Cameroon in 1987 and the other in Gabon in 1971 respectively. They have gradually acquired a global dimension thanks to progressive internationalization in Africa, Europe and Asia.

joseph Toubi : “Since its creation, Afriland First Group has maintained friendly relations with institutions from several horizons: development partners, public and private investors, regulatory authorities and so on. Today’s event is part of the same perspective, that of going together, always further, in the service of our continent and enabling it to garner a significant share in the distribution of world resources. »

Henry Claude Oyima : “Through this merger, we intend, with our partner Afriland First Group, to pool our expertise and pool our productivity gains, in order to improve our common offer for this now expanded market.”