Age of Mythology Retold, a remaster for the spin-off on ancient mythologies

“Gods will return. Heroes will rise. Legends will clash.”

Michael Mann, head of the American studio World’s Edge, announced the development ofAge of Mythology Retold :

We know that the gaming community has been patiently waiting for a Definitive Edition and we intend to give it to them. We’re working to bring you everything that made the original title great, with updated graphics, new features and more.

A trailer for Age of Mythology Retold

Released in 2002 on PC, Age of Mythology put a twist on the classic formula ofage of empires, with playable cultures based on Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. Players could create mythical units by spending a new resource called “favor”, which was obtained by praying or honoring a god of their choice. New cultures, the Atlanteans and the Chinese, were later added in expansions along with the ability to summon huge and destructive Titans.

Note that Age of Mythology benefited from a reissue called Extended Edition in 2014. This offered a number of updates, including support for Twitch and graphical improvements.

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