AI, Mechas and Creatures for Bandai Namco’s New Game

During the last State of Play of PlayStation mainly centered on Japanese productions on the eve of the opening of the Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco has announced Synduality, a new third-person shooter set in a dystopian futuristic world.

This new title mixes horrible creatures and big mechas to propel the player into a post-apocalyptic universe where humans and artificial intelligences must coexist and cooperate to survive a mysterious toxic rain.

In the year 2222, almost the entire human race is decimated. The player is one of the survivors who have taken refuge in the depths of the Earth. To survive, the survivors collaborate with forms of intelligence called Magus. The latter accompany the player – the Drifter – in his quest and help him in the fights, but also guide them throughout the perilous journey thus strengthening the links between the AI ​​and the player.

We worked with famous designers such as Neco for character design and Ippei Gyoubu for mechanical design, as well as Game Studio team to develop a fun shooter with strong gameplay that emphasizes on the relationship between AI and humans. The bond that develops between players and their Magus will impact the game and the story. – Yosuke Futami producer at Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Exploration in this dangerous world is done aboard a Cradle Coffin, a customizable mecha both in looks and arsenal to suit the player’s style of play. A major element of gameplay, it is also essential for recovering a rare resource: AO crystals.

With a concept similar to Capcom’s Exoprimal, Synduality seems to stand out with the touch of Bandai Namco with Japanese-looking graphics and mecha. The fights look addictive and the Magus and Cradle Coffin alliance seems to offer a multitude of combinations and thus vary the gaming experience.

Solo Experience, Synduality will also be played in multiplayer with an online PvPvE mode where players are challenged to complete various missions and can either help each other or hinder each other by fighting and looting each other’s resources.

Resource gathering and addictive battles against xenomorphic creatures known as Enders await players in 2023 on PS5, XBOX Series X/S and on PC.

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