Air: The prices of plane tickets will increase further in France and to overseas territories

Air: The prices of plane tickets will increase further in France and to overseas territories

At a time when the SNCF announces an average increase in TGV fares of 5%, those of plane tickets have jumped 18.9% from France over one year, according to the latest index published in September by the General Management. of civil aviation. Cumulatively since the beginning of the year, the increase in prices is 14.2% on intra-hexagonal connections and 16.7% between France and overseas. The increase even reached 24.3% on the medium-haul international network.

We have to, we have no choice “, explained Marc Rochet, boss of the companies Air Caraïbes and French bee, on behalf of the members of the National Federation of Aviation and its trades (Fnam) during a press conference of the organization. Airlines around the world, after two years of an acute Covid-19 crisis which has emptied their treasuries, are now facing the energy crisis, with a “ oil which took about 50% in one year “, underlined Marc Rochet, while this item represents about a quarter of the cost of air carriers.

Added to this is the rise in the dollar, which has been hard hit by a sector in which 40% of expenditure is made in this currency: in addition to oil, it is particularly a question of spare parts, based on raw materials such as steel. and titanium which also saw their prices explode. ” We are also experiencing general inflation on salary costs (…) it weighs heavily ”, further remarked the company director, also referring to the additional costs induced, on the links to Asia, by the closure of Russian airspace.

Consequently, ” we must expect new price increases to simply and mechanically pass on these cost increases that we are experiencing “warned Marc Rochet. ” Customers, I think, partly understand this “, and the demand does not weaken, except for a few customer segments, he estimated: reservations for the winter ” are of good quality », translating a « very clear desire to travel » in particular for family and leisure reasons to destinations « Sun and the United States.

On the other hand, in a general context of recovery in passenger traffic, which is currently at 85% of the 2019 level, Fnam has observed a clear change in the behavior of travelers for professional reasons. ” This is particularly observed in the domestic market where certain radial links are down » due to the absence of certain passengers « business “, developed Alain Battisti, CEO of the company Chalair.

This is due, he says, to “ anticipation of economic recession “, but also ” CSR policies (social and environmental responsibility, editor’s note) which are very strongly applied by companies » concerned about their carbon footprint. Airline professionals are also wondering if professionals will continue to use videoconferencing, a work tool that broke through during the health crisis, and in what proportion. ” No one today is able to say “, confessed Alain Battisti.

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