Ajax Amsterdam: The impressive statistics of Mohammed Kudus

Ajax Amsterdam faced Liverpool on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, on behalf of the second day in Group A, of the UEFA Champions League. An opportunity for Mohammed Kudus to shine once again. He amazed Anfield with his talent, even if on arrival his club lost 2-1.

Mohammad Kudus has been in a cloud for a few days. The 22-year-old Ghanaian commands respect with his performances on the pitch, but above all with his statistics. Against Liverpool he made a shot, the one leading to the equalizer in the first half. A performance that proves how much the young midfielder has been very clinical in the game in recent days. But before this match, Mohammed Kudus achieved many other things. And the numbers bear this out. If he knows how to keep the ball or even revitalize the game of his team, he also knows how to be effective in the zone of truth. At least that’s what his statistics show.

In 9 appearances for Ajax Amsterdam this season, Kudus has only shot 10 times on goal. Overall, 7 shots are on target against 3 that are missed, an average of 70% success. Considering shots on target, 6 resulted in goals. What to be convinced that the young Ghanaian is going through a better period at the moment, and this since his first start of the season against Rangers FC in the UEFA Champions League last week. Indeed, five of his six goals have been scored since this first tenure.

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