AliExpress is already shorting the price of the EcoFlow River 2 nomadic power station

AliExpress is already shorting the price of the EcoFlow River 2 nomadic power station

We recently introduced you to the new EcoFlow River 2 mobile charging and power stations. Well know that it is already possible to take advantage of a discount on the River 2 Max model of 512 Whand not least.

In effect at AliExpressthanks to several coupon codes, you can lower the price of the station and reach 117 € reduction!

So you can get the EcoFlow River 2 at 482.19 € instead of 599with free postage to France from a warehouse in Germany.

Take advantage of the offer

Be careful to bring the price down to €482.19, before adding the product to the basket, click on “Get coupons”. There, do “Recover” on the 3 codes that appear. Then add the station to the basket (after selecting the unique color and the unique EU plug).

In your basket, finally apply the following coupon code: “FR120”

Normally, if all these steps have been followed, you get the following total for your basket: €482.19.

The saving made on the normal price thanks to this offer is substantial, as stated in the introduction: 117 €. The price drop you benefit from is 20% !

Why get such a feeding station?

The Ecoflow River 2 is a 6 kg box, transportable and above all integrating a battery of 512 Wh. It can therefore supply several greedy electrical appliances for many hours, such as a mini-fridge, a computer, an auxiliary heater or even a toaster, a coffee machine, etc. And this, both when camping and on a picnic, or at home, to have enough to hold on for several hours in the event of a power cut. Who has never lost all the contents of their freezer following a power outage in the neighborhood that lasted too long? With the EcoFlow River 2 Max station, you have peace of mind, and most importantly, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice outside the house. Knowing that in addition, the block can be recharged via car power, solar panels, or more conventional mains socket.

Needless to say that at 482 €, this is a golden opportunity to equip yourself with the River 2 Max.