Amazon displays a restocking of the Xbox Series X on its shelves: go for it!

Amazon displays a restocking of the Xbox Series X on its shelves: go for it!

The Xbox Series X, a victim of its own success since its release, is still hard to find. If things work out regularly for the Microsoft console, stocks are still not stabilized, and you should not miss the opportunities that present themselves to you, otherwise the console will pass under your nose. As a reminder, the Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s current gen console, and it allows you, thanks to its graphics card and fast SSD, to play your games in 4K, and even up to 8K, if your television is compatible, all for an official price of 499.99 euros. Head over to Amazon now to find it!

The good deals of the moment on the Xbox Series S to seize:

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Don’t miss the Xbox Series X this holiday season

As always with consoles that are becoming rare, it is on the side of online merchants that you have to turn to find an Xbox Series X. The latter is often in stock at Amazon, but also on the official Microsoft website. Fnac, Micromania or even Boulanger, Cdiscount or Cultura are also likely to have it regularly on the shelves, and it will therefore be necessary to monitor them, especially in the early morning and early afternoon. Do not hesitate to subscribe to stock alerts from these different merchant sites, and check that you have customer accounts on these sites. In addition, make sure that your payment information and contact details are up to date: it would be a shame if the console escaped you for a few lost seconds!