an accident caused by an auxiliary heater?

an accident caused by an auxiliary heater?

The Lyon public prosecutor’s office announced in a press release on Monday the opening of a judicial investigation for “heads of voluntary degradation by fire having caused death” but also for “deliberate degradation by fire having caused total incapacity for work greater than eight days and deliberate damage by fire resulting in total incapacity for work of less than eight days”.

accidental track

For the moment, no element brings back at this time the investigators to a criminal track and no trace of flammable product was detected in the samples taken on the spot. The accidental trail seems to be taking shape.

the “Parisian” reveals that several residents of the building and local residents interviewed told investigators that the lobby of the building was regularly occupied by young squatters, who had, since the beginning of the week, installed a sofa, tables and chairs. According to some testimonies, an auxiliary heater was seen. The Lyon prosecutor’s office has not confirmed this information.

Still according to “Le Parisien”, several witnesses claimed to have discovered traces of fire in this same hall the days preceding the tragedy. Investigators are looking for these squatters.

In addition to the ten deceased victims – six adults and four children – 24 people were injured in the fire, four of them seriously. The fire had caused residents to rush into the void, a woman having even thrown her son from the fourth floor to save his life, before jumping from her balcony herself.