an issue affects stories

an issue affects stories

After a major global WhatsApp outage, the Meta group is encountering a few minor problems with another of its applications: Instagram. Some stories have the annoying stories to scroll by themselves at the speed of light.

Instagram’s login screen // Source: Solen Feyissa

The applications of the Meta group are visibly subject to several small problems on this Tuesday, October 25, 2022. After a global outage suffered by WhatsAppit’s the turn ofinstagram to do his own. Don’t worry though, the platform dedicated to sharing photos and videos is still functional.

The story function is acting up

It is more particularly at the level of stories that the service encounters some small problems. Indeed, some of them have the unfortunate tendency, when consulting them, to disappear almost instantly to make way for the next story. This glitch seems to occur randomly from one story to another.

Also, all users are obviously not affected by this anomaly: within the editorial staff, a majority of journalists are spared, but not all. Nevertheless, Down Detector begins to identify a series of reports which does not reach the heights either. On Twitterseveral Internet users highlight a similar problem.

Everything else works

Luckily, this doesn’t totally hamper the user experience. Consulting your news feed, watching videos or chatting with your friends is always possible. No bug has been identified on this type of activity.

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