Ancelotti: ‘To beat Rayo, we will have to give our best’

Ancelotti: ‘To beat Rayo, we will have to give our best’

NEWS STORY. 11/06/2022

“It’s a complicated game, but the team is ready,” explained the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City on the eve of the match of the thirteenth day of La Liga (9 p.m.). The coach analyzed the meeting in Vallecas: “Rayo are a team that plays very well, that is intense and organized. It’s a complicated game, but the team is ready. We can only win by giving the best of ourselves”.

“Asensio can play in two different positions. When he plays inside, he is able to make his qualities speak even more: his striking and his assists. He can also play as a playmaker and he works less than as a winger. The combination with Valverde is going well and they’ve been good as soon as they’ve played together. They swap positions, which can be good in the future”.

Benzema’s health
“Karim is not going to play because the feelings are not good. We thought he was feeling good, but he had a little trouble and will not be available tomorrow. Against Cadiz, I think RĂ¼diger will not be there, but Karim yes”.

Rodrygo’s projection
“Rodrygo has a great future as a centre-forward or a full-back. The winger position is not the best for him as he is strong in clearing and shooting.”

The Hazard case
“The subject of Hazard is that he has a lot of players in front of him. Competition in such a big team is essential. It’s possible that players have fewer minutes for that and that’s what happens with Hazard”.