Ancelotti: “We played well from the first minute to the last”

NEWS STORY. 01/29/2023. Alberto Navaro

“We had a lot of chances, but not success. These are things that can happen,” said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium following Real Madrid’s draw against Real Sociedad on La Liga Matchday 19: “It was one of the best games we’ve played this season. It was difficult to make changes because they were all playing very well and I did it to get some fresh legs. We played well from the first minute to the last”.

“Real Sociedad never played the way they wanted because of the pressure we exerted from the start. We pressed high and we put intensity. We played well with the ball and we had the commitment without. We had a lot of chances to score, but not the success. These are things that can happen”.

The fight for the title in La Liga
“If we win on Thursday, we will have had more points than last year. Barcelona are playing very well now, but the season is very long. January was a complicated month, but in the last games the team has improved a lot in all areas: offensive, defensive, physical… The team is improving and this week injured players will be back. We have confidence for the next few months”.

Camavinga as a left-back
“He looked good to me. It’s an option that you can use. He shows quality, energy… He got along very well with Vini Jr. on the side by creating opportunities. His energy convinces me, he can also use it at full-back. The left-back, with Vini Jr., has to play more inside on the side and that suits him well”.

Vini Jr’s match.
“He played a good game and if he had scored, his game would have been incredible. He is in very good condition. Sometimes he is not successful, but he always tries”.

Compliments to Ceballos
“He is playing very well and tonight he was at a very high level, like in the last games. He brings a lot, especially in this period when some are not there and he is ready”.

Nacho as a full-back
“He had a period where he played very little and he is currently very good. He is still good and as a right-back he brings something. Defensively the team worked together and we pressed higher than d usual. Everything went well”.

Real Sociedad, candidate for the title?
“She competes in every game, but it seems too early to say that she will fight for La Liga.

The winter transfer window
“It is closed in all directions, both for arrivals and departures”.


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