Anders Howard (Fortnite) Joins Naughty Dog as Monetization Designer

Anders Howard (Fortnite) Joins Naughty Dog as Monetization Designer

Naughty Dog welcomes a new face to its premises. This is Anders Howard, a well-known monetization designer in the world of video games. But then, what will this entail for the studio?

Who is Anders Howard, the new recruit of Naughty Dog ?

Naughty Dog welcomed a brand new member to its team, namely Anders Howard.

Anders Howard at the Naughty Dog premises.

Anders specializes in the design of monetization in video games. As a reminder, monetization can be driven by paid games, in-game purchases, advertisements, and more. These revenues therefore return to the studio.

Note that the young man’s record is quite substantial. In effect, Howard was able to work on many titles. To recite nobody else but them : The Sims 2, Battlefield 2 and The Lord of the Rings: Tactics. He also made his greatest contribution to the hit game: Fortnite. Yes, the specialist in the field worked alongsideEpic Games on the project of battle pass present in the game. A paid system to unlock various rewards.

Fortnite - Battle Pass
Fortnite – Battle Pass.

Even more recently, and according to his profile LinkedIn, Howard was even able to collaborate with the teams ofUbisoft. Pretty nice resume, right?

That goes without saying, Naughty Dog seems to have found a new key element for the future of the studio.

New for standalone multiplayer The Last of Us ?

As you will have understood, the Californian studio therefore seems to call on the expertise ofAnders Howardin order to integrate a new monetization system for their new title. But, what title is it? The most likely idea would be to think that the next standalone multiplayer of The Last of Us has recourse to a monetization device In this sense, we could have access to paid content such as exclusive weapons, new skins, new maps, etc. This perspective would, in fact, be the most plausible but is still not confirmed.

However, note that Naughty Dog recently launched a call for job offers about this same project. Not to mention the multitude of calls for applications deployed by the Dogs. The studio is actively recruiting and that’s a good sign!

Anders Howard - LinkedIn
LinkedIn profile of Anders Howard.

New adventures await you!

The new recruit already seems to be adapting to the habits of the Dogs: we are hyper too much.

So what project will be working on Howard ? The next multiplayer standalone? A new license? The future will tell. A more glorious future for Naughty Dogwhich, let us remember, is currently working on a whole new game from a “fan-favorite franchise”. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear more.

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