Android manufacturers are already thinking of copying the Dynamic Island

Two manufacturers of Android smartphones are interested in the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro. Manufacturers have indeed asked the opinion of their users about an Android version of the feature.

A few weeks after the launch of iPhone 14 Prosome Android smartphone manufacturers have shown interest in Dynamic Island, one of the great novelties of the range. As reported by our colleagues from Android Police, Xiaomi and Realme have both polled their community about the feature.

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Realme is preparing a Dynamic Island for Android

In a post on its official forum, Realme asked its fans if they want a Island of dreams » be added to the brand’s smartphones. The Chinese firm does not specifically mention the Dynamic Island of the iPhone. Nevertheless, the description leaves no doubt about Realme’s intentions:

“Can you imagine what would happen if realme UI added a software trick to turn the camera cutout into a multi-function feature? The UI around the camera hole could transform into different shapes and sizes to show incoming phone calls, alerts, notifications”.

The description published by Realme corresponds perfectly to the functionality developed by Apple. With the “dynamic island” of the iPhone 14 Pro, the Californian giant camouflages the double hole in the screen with software elements. The island reacts differently depending on the applications used. Call notifications and the timer will, for example, be placed there automatically to make the user experience more fluid. During our test of the iPhone 14 Pro Maxwe really appreciated this new feature, which saves time on a daily basis.

Realme continues by asking its users what they expect from this hypothetical novelty. The brand encourages its community to address ideas and suggestions on how such software functionality might be implemented”. Realme will choose three proposals. These suggestions will then be the subject of a survey. The most appreciated idea will be taken into account by the developers from Realme.

The Redmi K60, the 1st Android smartphone with Dynamic Island?

Mirroring Realme, Xiaomi asked for the opinion of its community about the “dynamic island”. In a message published on Sina Weibo, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi in China, evokes a “smart island”. The manager asks Internet users if the option is really essential.

According to a rumor that appeared on Weibo, an alternative to the Dynamic Island could be integrated into the Redmi K60, one of the next affordable smartphones from the Redmi sub-brand, which belongs to Xiaomi. A video, showing the option on a smartphone presented as the K60, has been circulating for a few days on the web. The smartphone would arrive in a few months on the Chinese market.

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