Anker revives the AirPower with its 3-in-1 charging cube

Anker recently unveiled a premium asset on Apple’s online store. Long-time partner of the apple brand, the props specialist offers chargers in particular. And while the AirPower project was officially abandoned by Apple a few months ago, third-party brands such as Anker offer more or less similar solutions.

With its “Cube”, the brand claims to be able to recharge the three devices at the same time. The only drawback is the “MagSafe” operation of the iPhone charger which requires the owner of the cube to have a minimum iPhone 12. Other phones do have wireless charging, but they don’t have magnets on their backs to balance them in the charging position.

A 15 W charger for iPhone 12 minimum

As with a classic MagSafe wireless charging, Anker announces that the cube can reach the 15W. At this speed, the iPhone 12 charges at 50% in one hour. The numbers are a bit better when it comes to the iPhone 13s and the newer iPhone 14s.

© Anker / Apple

The charger is now sold by Anker with the essential USB-C to USB-C cable to power up the cube. 1.5 meters long, this wire should be suitable for all uses. At its other end a 30 W power adapter (supplied). Anker announces that in the event of simultaneous recharging, the power will be distributed “intelligently” without the brand giving any further information on this subject.

An Apple-exclusive product

The product is already available on the official Apple store for €159.95. Belkin, Anker’s main competitor in the accessories market for Apple products, also offers 3-in-1 chargers, in flat format or in stand format. around 140 €. - Official App – Official App

By: Keleops AG

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