Apple adjusts its Mac, Apple Watch and iPad trade-in prices

Apple adjusts its Mac, Apple Watch and iPad trade-in prices

Apple has just published a new price list for the recovery of old devices. Already updated on November 1, the price for the purchase of an iPhone 12, 13 or an iPad has been revised (up or down) by Apple. If the situation is favorable in the United States, the European economy being quite fragile in recent weeks, most Apple products have seen their trade-in price reduced.

Macs are entitled to an unexpected price hike

This is particularly the case for Apple Watch, which goes from a maximum of €210 for a Series 7 to €180 today. A drop that is found on other connected watch models. The Series 6 thus goes to 130 € (against 140 €) and the Series 5 drops below 100 € (95 €) for the very first time.

With regard to the other products of the apple brand, only the Macbook Pro are entitled to a raise. The maximum trade-in price is now €790 compared to €770 a few days ago. The MacBook Air follows this same trend and goes from 390 € to 420 €.

iMac Pro: the big loser

The iMac Pro is the victim of a big drop in its resale price from 1130 € to 700 € only. As far as iPads are concerned, the price drop is also in force. The iPad Pro will not be taken over €555 against €590 yesterday. Finally, the device whose resale price is the most watched, the iPhone has not seen any change in Europe.

Note that the return price for iPhone 12 or 13 has decreased in the United States. If the fall in prices has not yet affected the old continent, it is to be expected that this will be the case in the coming weeks. If you’re about to buy a new iPhone, it might be worth trade-in your older model in the coming days before its valuation drops. – Official App

By: Keleops AG