Apple bug with iOS 16 on iPhone allows apps to spy on all your storages

iOS.16.1 was released on Monday, October 24, 2022. A welcome update for Apple which has discreetly corrected in this new version the existing bugs in the previous one. According to the information site specializing in new technologies 01netiOS.16 contained many security flaws that could spy on your conversations.

Access via Siri or AirPods

Indeed, the previous version of iOS.16.1 offered the possibility for any application to listen to and record your conversations without your authorization. To do this, all the apps had to do was access a Bluetooth connection on your device, through AirPods or Siri, among others.

The specialized site points out that this bug, renamed “SiriSpy”was discovered by Guilherme Rambo, the developer of AirBuddy: “a macOS app that makes it easy to connect Bluetooth devices, including AirPods and Beats headphones, to Macs”. He finally adds that it was by looking more closely at the AirPods that the developer made this discovery.

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