Apple confirms that iPhones will come with a USB-C charger

AA / Paris / Fatih Karakaya

In accordance with European regulations, Apple has confirmed that its iPhones and other products will switch to USB-C connectivity from the next generation, according to the American press.

Quoting Greg Joswiak, Apple’s marketing manager, the American firm finally gave in and will offer unique chargers already deployed in many devices, including Android phones.

Until now, Apple had refused to use a single charger by imposing its own “Lightning” connector, claiming that it was detrimental to “research and development”.

After years of discussion, member states of the European Union (EU) adopted legal regulations requiring the use of a USB-C standard charging socket for portable smartphones and tablets on October 24th.

Thus, all electronic manufacturers with chargers must now adopt the USB-C charger before 2024. Apple’s reaction was eagerly awaited, some specialists feared resistance from the American giant. Others put forward the idea that finally Apple could completely abandon the cables. However, according to some American media, it is not yet a priority for Apple.

— Millions of dollars lost for Apple

By standardizing chargers, Europe is undermining Apple’s resources. Indeed, by offering proprietary products, Apple received royalties on the sale of accessories. From now on, it is millions of shortfalls that the American giant should compensate elsewhere.

The idea is to propose standardization of both cables and chargers and thus limit the waste associated with these chargers, which too often become obsolete when they offer proprietary connectors.

In addition, all current iPhone owners will therefore have to buy new chargers if they acquire the new generation of brand products.

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