Apple confirms that the next iPhones will have a USB-C port

Driven by the new European regulations which aim for all electronic devices to have a universal connector, Apple has just confirmed that the next iPhones will be equipped with a USB-C port like several devices from the American brand.

While the European Commission will ban the marketing of electronic devices that do not have a USB-C connector by 2024, many manufacturers have already anticipated and offer such connectivity on their devices. Even Apple, some iPad models of which have already switched to USB-C connectivity, must comply. Thus, the Vice President of Global Marketing, Greg Joswiak told the Wall Street Journal that the firm will indeed switch to USB-C due to new directives from the European Commission while saying that he did not believe this was the right solution.

Apple had the solution?

Joswiak explains that the quarrels between Apple and the European authorities began 10 years ago now and it was more precisely about the micro-USB port when the brand exclusively offered a Lightning port on all its devices. At the time, Apple wanted to offer USB power adapters that could support different types of cables. With detachable cables, the American company made it possible to choose the cable that suited the device, whether it was one of the brand or another. However, the European Commission has not adopted this solution and is making the use of a USB-C port mandatory on electronic devices marketed from 2024.


The other features expected for the iPhone 15

Even though the iPhone 14 are only a few months old, the first rumors about the successors are already arriving. They may actually be equipped with a USB-C port, thus abandoning the famous Lightning, which has nevertheless held up well. It is also said that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max would have a RAM capacity of 8 GB while the non-Pro versions would have the 6 GB they currently have. We have also heard of the integration of a telephoto type photo sensor on the Pro versions which could make it possible to offer a real optical zoom to the phones. Of course, all indiscretions are to be taken with tweezers until things become clearer. Recall that the next series of Apple iPhone 15 smartphones is expected for the month of September 2023.


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