Apple is investigating mistaken emergency calls

iOS 16.2, currently in beta, implements a new investigation system following the triggering of the iPhone 14 crash detection feature: Apple asks the user if this feature was triggered inappropriately. He can then choose to send Apple the data recorded by the iPhone at the time of the supposed accident, together with a comment, so that the Cupertino engineers can identify what are the potential false positive situations and improve their algorithm. .

Capture by @iDeviceHelpus

This feature allows you to trigger an automatic call to the emergency services when a car accident has been detected and the user does not react to the loud ringtone emitted by the iPhone. Cases of false positives are particularly problematic as they lead to unnecessary emergency response. A few weeks ago, a police station in Ohio complained of repeated calls from one of the attractions: it turned out that the iPhone 14 was detecting accidents… on a roller coaster.

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